Flash Fiction

The Captain’s Secret

Tara over at Thin Spiral Notebook almost had me stumped with this week’s prompt. For the 100 Word Challenge she gave us the word leg. Now what on earth do you do with a prompt like that? I knew right away I wanted to do a more humorous take on it and poetry just wasn’t happening with this one. Then it came to me while riding home from work on the train. I give you-

The Captain’s Secret

The pirate grinned at his protégé, a boy of fifteen. “Remember the most important rule pirate-2657716_640.jpgon this ship, my boy.”

“What’s that?” His blue eyes shone bright in anticipation.

“It’s all in the leg.”

The boy frowned. “I don’t understand, Captain.”

The Captain ruffled the boy’s hair. “When it matters, you’ll understand.”

Neither of them anticipated that day would come one year later. While the others fought over who should be captain, the boy stood in the old captain’s quarters. He held the hollow wooden leg in his hands, tears running down his face.

“I get it. I finally understand.”


Be sure to swing by Thin Spiral Notebook to see how others took on this challenge!

100 word challenge

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