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100 Word Challenge: Simple

Over at Thin Spiral Notebook, the 100 Word Challenge for this week was the word simple. Nothing at my house is ever simple, I swear. But with as much ADHD as what there is in my house, it’s a miracle I’m not completely insane. Well, I may be a touch crazy to be honest. Anyway, of course I had to take this simple prompt and complicate it a little by stretching my limits of what I usually write. And do it in exactly 100 words, no more and no less. So, I give you:

The Tormonian Dilemma

The small purple bi-ped waved its tentacles. “So what are you saying, Gorphad?”

Gorphad, a slightly larger being stroked two tentacles together while the other four calmed the smaller being’s flailing. “Margoth, be easy. All you must do is record human interaction for two planetary rotations. Your hologram generator will disguise your alien-226245_640.jpgform. It is simple.”

“Gorphad, no Tormonian has returned from Earth. Why must I do this?”

Gorphad turned a pinkish shade, again attempting to soothe Margoth. “Because Yagaroth has willed it.”

Margoth turned a virulent green. “It will go wrong. They are humans, so it will be disastrous.”

Stop by Thin Spiral Notebook to see other amazing answers to this little prompt!

100 word challenge

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