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Character Interview: Ava

I’m back today with another awesome book to share with you – Monster Huntress by David Wiley. But, instead of talking with David today, I’ve got a character spotlight for you. Without further adieu, here’s Ava.

Name: Ava Evenstar  Nicknames: Avalina

Born in the kingdom of Hárborg, raised in Tirgoth. She spends her days training to become a huntress, following the career path of her parents, and dedicates her spare time to playing Monster Hunter with her best friend, Edgar. He’s almost always the monster, because he makes a far better monster than her.

Mother: Kenna (deceased), a monster huntress.

Father: Tristan, former member of the king of Hárborg’s court, currently a monster hunter for the village of Tirgoth.

Siblings: noneMonster Huntress Base

Age at start of the story: 13

Eyes: Emerald green

Hair: Curly, bright red

Skin: Pale complexion

Average height and build for her age

Education: No formal education, but she has spent years observing, and emulating, her father’s fighting style. She has also reenacted many of his memorable hunting stories, usually with Edgar playing the role of the hunted monster.

Motivations: To be a monster huntress of great renown. To be able to travel the 13 kingdoms, revered as a savior by people everywhere she goes. To have excitement and adventure and experience the stories she has grown up hearing her father tell.

Traumas: She witnessed her mother’s dying moments when she was 3.

Strengths: Ava has a fiery personality that drives her to pursue her dreams of being a huntress. She has spent a lot of her free time training for the day when she can go on adventures and hunt monsters, bracing her both physically and mentally for what lies ahead. She has a close connection to her father and she strives to earn his approval as a huntress one day.

Weaknesses: Ava has a strong bond with her father. She balks at anyone but her father’s authority (and only follows that when she deems it necessary). She seeks excitement and adventure without thought to its cost.

Monster Huntress 1

There you have it. David is also the author of The Merchant in Oria, another great adventure story. Click on the covers below to get your copy!

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