Random Sunday

Random Sunday – Flirting, Snow, and Covid

I’ve decided it is time to revive the Random Sunday posts. Random Sundays, which occasionally end up posted on a different day, are a collection of three random things that came from my life over the last week. Sometimes they’re thoughts I’ve had about something going on. Sometimes they include something that happened to me… Continue reading Random Sunday – Flirting, Snow, and Covid

Book Reviews

No Rest for the Wicked by Phoebe Darqueling

I picked this book up a while ago and read it last year as I love supporting indie authors. So, yeah, I’m way behind on this review. No Rest for the Wicked by Phoebe Darqueling is part western, part ghost story, and a few shades of steampunk added in. Viola Thorne is a saloon owner… Continue reading No Rest for the Wicked by Phoebe Darqueling

Book Reviews

Tiger Lily by K. Bird Lincoln

I know I’ve gotten horribly behind on my book reviews. Why? Because life happens. Not sure how else to put it considering the life I lead—mother of a busy 10-year-old and all the associated activities, family, etc. that goes along with that, and my day job as a clinic supervisor in a hospital. So yeah,… Continue reading Tiger Lily by K. Bird Lincoln

Flash Fiction

Seventh Daughter

I know I missed the last couple weeks of #SwiftFicFriday prompts, but they were still helpful! Those couple prompts ended up working themselves into a short story I'm working on. That story probably is going to miss the deadline I had, but I'll get it out to y'all one way or another. Anyway, this week's… Continue reading Seventh Daughter

Flash Fiction, Poetry


I totally missed last week’s SwiftFicFriday prompt. I saw it and it prompted the perfect scene to move my short story along. Alas, I didn’t get it all written in time. This week, though, I wanted to make sure I got my piece in, inspired stylistically by a favorite childhood poet - Shel Silverstein. As… Continue reading Misunderstanding