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Random Writing: Omega and Alpha

Dredging up another older piece for your pleasure tonight. Didn’t get much writing done today, but I did get a bunch of cleaning around my house done and a trial run of a Christmas present made. Plus bon bons at my grandma’s. Considering I had to help make bon bons while also refereeing my seven-year-old who loves to cook, I am counting that as a major accomplishment. Anyways, here’s a bit of poetry I wrote last year in response to a really cool image (one I unfortunately couldn’t find again). Let me know what you think!

Omega and Alpha

The girl, a child, the Chosen One has fledblackbird-95091_640.jpg
as it was always said she would.
Through icy mounds of fresh new snow,
she had no shoes, no fur-lined cloak,
but just a thin white dressing gown
to drape around her tiny frame.

So, on she ran in frigid night
from captors and their cruel whips’ kiss,
‘til lost in woods—they’re dark and dead—
she falls upon a frozen drift.
Her darkened locks a shadow there,
unmoving in the wintry night.

Then down from star-filled skies above,
two dark winged shadows, blacker still,
alight upon the frozen ground.
Breathe into her a life renewed
to serve with Valkyries on high.
And, thus fulfills the prophecy.

© Stacy Overby 2018

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